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Yoga Retreat For Sale

The Grounds.

We have constructed additional facilities in the grounds for our yoga guests to enjoy between their yoga practice.

In front of the Chateau is a small lake of approximately 2,000 sq metres, and depth up to 3 metres. It is fed from a natural spring on the estate which flows throughout the year. The water has been tested annually, and found to be of high quality, e.g. measurements of e. coli were consistently zero.

The lake is home to a wonderful multitude of mammals and birds: wild ducks breed on the tiny island, deer come to drink the waters in the early morning; kingfishers and herons to fish. The rare and protected little emerald green Reinette frogs breed successfully here, which accounts for the absence of mosquitoes!

A wooden bathing platform with steps provides easy access for a dip in the lake. You will be swimming with iridescent blue damselflies and dragonflies hovering all around, and sand martins swooping down to drink on the wing at dusk.

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